Veteran Beekeeper APIARY Program

Are you a veteran, would like to keep bees, but don’t have a location to put your hive? Then the FWBVBA Veteran Apiary Program is the Program for you!

This Program is designed for veterans who would like to keep one personal hive at the FWBVBA Veteran’s Apiary. Additional benefits of this Program are:

  • Access to FWBVBA Veteran Beekeeper Beginners, Advanced Beekeeper Course, online self-paced courses and classes.
  • Access to FWBVBA Veteran Beekeeper Program monthly meetings via Zoom for beekeeping support

Must be able to provide valid veteran status documentation  (i.e. government issued identification, DD-214) and agree to the Association’s Terms & Agreement (provided after veteran status is verified).

Interested veterans should contact Jennifer King, Program Coordinator/Veteran Beekeeper Educator, by phone (304) 876-3832 or email (

Visit FWBVBA’s website ( or Facebook page ( to learn more about the association.

Helping veterans to become successful beekeepers!

Veteran Beekeeper Program

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A desire to learn beekeeping, proof of veteran status, and completing the Association’s Beginner Beekeeping Course is needed for a veteran to enroll in the program.

Beekeeping for Success!

Provides opportunities for veterans to learn beekeeping as hobby or as a career.